Chemical sedimentary rock

A sedimentary rock composed primarily of material formed directly by precipitation from solution or colloidal suspension or by the deposition of insoluble precipitates.
This category is also used for chemical.
Evaporite (4 items)

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Summary of rock salt deposits in the United States as possible storage sites for radioactive waste materials

Geologic and physiographic description of major rock salt deposits in the US, compiled from the perspective of the potential use of these deposits for storage of radioactive waste.

Descriptive model of salt-dome sulfur and contained-sulfur model for salt-dome sulfur

Descriptive mineral deposit model describing the geologic setting, physical, chemical and mineralogical characteristics of deposits of this type, including characteristics of the rocks surrounding and hosting the deposits.

Evaporite-related potash resources: deposits and permissive tracts worldwide

Includes descriptions of 981 known occurrences and deposits as well as qualitative assessment of undiscovered resource potential in 84 permissive tracts.

Potash: a global overview of evaporate-related potash resources, including spatial databases of deposits, occurrences, and permissive tracts

Locations and descriptions of known occurrences, with qualitative assessment of the development potential of permissive tracts where undiscovered deposits of this type may occur.