Ash-flow tuff

A tuff deposited by an ash flow or gaseous cloud; a type of ignimbrite. It is a consolidated, but not necessarily welded deposit.

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Geochronology and correlation of Tertiary volcanic and intrusive rocks in part of the southern Toquima Range, Nye County, Nevada

40Ar/39Ar dating, electron microprobe analyses and geologic mapping help clarify chronology and correlations of the numerous volcanic and intrusive units exposed in the area and interpret the petrogenesis of a few of the volcanic units.

Geochronology and geology of late Oligocene through Miocene volcanism and mineralization in the western San Juan mountains, Colorado

New age determinations with descriptions of sample locations and analytical details.

Zircon U-Pb data for volcanic ash beds in the Barstow Formation, California probe data 2022

Geochronological analysis of zircons from these ash beds. Data are provided in CSV format.