A rock of complex mineralogic composition formed by contact metamorphism and metasomatism of carbonate rocks. It is typically coarse-grained and rich in garnet, iron-rich pyroxene, epidote, wollastonite, and scapolite.
This category is also used for skarn (tactite) and tactite.

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Geochemistry of magnetite from porphyry Cu and skarn deposits in the southwestern United States

Hydrothermal orebodies and their host rocks are characterized by compositional variations in magnetite. Minor and trace element data for hydrothermal and igneous magnetite are compared with an unmineralized magnetite-series granodiorite in southwest Japan

Grade and tonnage model for tungsten skarn deposits—2020 update

Using current mineral inventory and cumulative production data for worldwide tungsten skarn deposits, this report presents an updated grade and tonnage model for deposits of this type.