A rock consisting almost wholly of serpentine-group minerals derived from the hydration of ferromagnesian silicate minerals such as olivine and pyroxene.

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Weathering and transport of chromium and nickel from serpentinite in the Coast Range ophiolite to the Sacramento Valley, California, USA

Investigates Cr and Ni geochemistry providing insight into the mobility and bioaccessibility of these toxic trace elements throughout northern California and perhaps the origin of elevated dissolved Cr(VI) concentrations in the western Sacramento Valley

Asbestos mines, prospects, and occurrences in the US

Location and mineralogical characteristics of former mines, prospects, and occurrences of asbestos in the continental US. No asbestos producing mines are currently active. Data here are drawn from several previously published reports.

Mapping the mineral resource base for mineral carbon-dioxide sequestration in the conterminous United States

Map includes GIS data for magnesium-rich ultramafic rocks