A strongly foliated crystalline rock, formed by dynamic metamorphism, that can be readily split into thin flakes or slabs due to the well developed parallelism of more than 50% of the minerals present, particularly those of the lamellar or elongate prismatic habit, e.g. mica and hornblende.
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Garnet Lu-Hf Ages and Isotope Data for the Stibnite, Idaho Area

Garnet Lu-Hf ages of the schist of Moores Station Formation and a cross-cutting garnetiferous felsic dike in this area. These ages provide part of the early geologic history leading up to ore deposition. Data are provided in CSV format.

Historical files from Federal Government mineral exploration-assistance programs, 1950 to 1974

Scanned correspondence documenting the work of these programs, typically including information about the geology and mineralization reported at locations for which development assistance was sought.

Mica deposits of the Blue Ridge in North Carolina

Point locations with characteristics of mines and prospects.

Reconnaissance geologic map of the Kuskokwim Bay region, southwest Alaska

A geologic map constructed primarily from reconnaissance studies from the 1950s to 1990s. The rocks of the map area range from Proterozoic age metamorphic rocks of the Kanektok metamorphic complex to Quaternary age mafic volcanic rocks of Nunivak Island.