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A compilation of spatial digital databases for selected U.S. Geological Survey nonfuel mineral resource assessments for parts of Idaho and Montana

Local-area-enhanced, 2.5-meter resolution natural-color and color-infrared satellite-image mosaics of the Ghunday-Achin mineral district in Afghanistan

GeoTIFF rendition of locally enhanced ALOS image mosaics for the Haji-Gak mineral district, which has magnesite and talc deposits.

Map showing areas with potential for talc deposits in the Gravelly, Greenhorn, and Ruby ranges and the Henrys Lake Mountains of southwestern Montana

Geologic data supporting mineral resource assessment

Preliminary non-fuel mineral resource assessment of Afghanistan 2007

Description and estimated amounts of resources with supporting data for use in GIS

Reported historic asbestos mines, historic asbestos prospects, and other natural occurrences of asbestos in California

Currently (2011) asbestos is not mined commercially in the US. This data set shows occurrences and historic mines, and includes information on talc deposits.