ArcInfo coverage

Geographic data files used by the GIS software "ArcInfo Workstation". The coverage format consists of numerous files in several different directories having a well-defined structure referred to by ESRI as a "workspace".
This category is also used for coverage.
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Geology and resource assessment of Costa Rica at 1:500,000 scale; a digital representation of maps of the U.S. Geological Survey's 1987 folio I-1865

Geologic units, structural features, geochemical sample points, and detailed information about the Tilaran gold mining area.

Geology and resource assessment of the Venezuelan Guayana Shield at 1:500,000 scale

Mineral resource assessment of the Venezuelan Guayana Shield, including geologic unit map

Great Basin geoscience data base

A collection of geoscientific data for this area, provided in the mid-1990s using file formats in common use at that time, which are now obsolete. Much of the data is now available in formats more convenient to users of the 2020s at

Net acid production, acid neutralizing capacity, and associated mineralogical and geochemical characteristics of Animas River watershed igneous rocks near Silverton, Colorado

Chemical analysis of altered volcanic rocks to determine their potential for neutralization of acid-rock drainage. Includes magnetic susceptibility measurements as well.

Preliminary Digital Geologic Map of the Appalachian Piedmont and Blue Ridge, South Carolina Segment

Preliminary non-fuel mineral resource assessment of Afghanistan 2007

Description and estimated amounts of resources with supporting data for use in GIS

Spatial database of mining-related features in 2001 at selected phosphate mines, Bannock, Bear Lake, Bingham, and Caribou Counties, Idaho

Features include mine pit; backfilled mine pit; waste rock dump; adit and waste rock dump; ore stockpile; topsoil stockpile; tailings or tailings pond; sediment catchment; facilities; road; railroad; water reservoir; disturbed land, undifferentiated; and

Spatial databases for the geology of the Northern Rocky Mountains - Idaho, Montana, and Washington

The spatial databases represent the original content of 43 published geologic maps, provide normalized map unit descriptions, and provide additional information and interpretation not in the original reports.