ENVI image format

A flat-binary raster file with an accompanying ASCII header file. The data are stored as a binary stream of bytes arranged by Band Sequential (BSQ), Band Interleaved by Line (BIL), or Band Interleaved by Pixel (BIP).

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Corescan Hyperspectral Core Imager, Mark III system data collected for the characterization of mineral resources near Nabesna, Alaska, 2014-2016

Hyperspectral analysis of rock samples using this equipment provide information on the composition and morphology of the minerals in the rock in microscopic detail. Data are provided as imagery in various formats.

Airborne imaging spectrometer data collected for characterizing mineral resources near Nabesna, Alaska, 2014

Flight-line data for a hyperspectral survey using the HyMap sensor over this area in 2014 where porphyry deposits are exposed. The data are provided in imagery formats.

Imaging spectrometer reflectance data, mineral predominance map, and white mica wavelength position map, Nabesna Quadrangle, Alaska

Reflectance, mineral predominance, and white mica wavelength position data calculated from an airborne hyperspectral imaging survey of this area using a HyMap sensor in 2014. Data are provided in a format generated by the ENVI software product, CSV, and GeoTiff.