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Aeromagnetic map for the state of Idaho

Aeromagnetic surveys of Idaho, merged to form seamless grids across the state. Data provided in a variety of formats.

Automated mapping of mineral groups and green vegetation from Landsat Thematic Mapper imagery with an example from the San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Analysis of multispectral satellite imagery allows us to identify areas covered by various types of minerals and vegetation, with results provided in image files you can use in GIS.

Comparative mineral mapping in the Colorado Mineral Belt using AVIRIS and ASTER remote sensing data

A multidisciplinary mapping and data integration project focused on long-term resource planning by the mapping and characterization of exposed surface mineralogy, including that related to hydrothermal alteration and supergene weathering of pyritic rocks.

Description and validation of an automated methodology for mapping mineralogy, vegetation, and hydrothermal alteration type from ASTER satellite imagery with examples from the San Juan Mountains, Colorado

Raster image files indicating the interpreted alteration and mineral groups inferred using the methodology.

Digital maps of hydrothermal alteration type, key mineral groups, and green vegetation of the western United States derived from automated analysis of ASTER satellite data

Mineral groups identified through automated analysis of remote sensing data acquired by the ASTER system were used to map the type and spatial distribution of hydrothermal alteration, other exposed mineral groups, and green vegetation.

Geophysical and geochemical data from the area of the Pebble Cu-Au-Mo porphyry deposit, southwestern Alaska: Contributions to assessment techniques for concealed mineral resources

Uninterpreted geophysical measurements and geochemical and mineralogical analytical data from samples collected during the summer field seasons from 2007 to 2010. Data are available in a single Geographic Information System (GIS) database.

Mineral and Vegetation Maps of the Bodie Hills, Sweetwater Mountains, and Wassuk Range, California/Nevada, Generated from ASTER Satellite Data

Analyzed remote sensing data identify and map minerals, vegetation groups, and volatiles. Four maps show: 1) mineral groups, 2) iron bearing minerals, vegetation, water, 3) clay, sulfate, mica, carbonate, Mg-OH, hydrous quartz and 4) quartz abundance.

Montana aeromagnetic and gravity maps and data

Aeromagnetic surveys of Montana, merged to form seamless grids across the state. Gravity anomaly data are provided as well.

The geochemical atlas of Alaska, 2016

Georeferenced images depicting the concentration of 68 chemical elements in the near-surface materials (sediments and soils).