Database fields, all categories

Site identification
idArbitrary number assigned to this record, not otherwise meaningful
Geographic location
countryCountry in which the smelter is located
locationThe administrative subdivision and city, if available and applicable, location of the smelter and the smelter name in parenthese
latitudeAngular distance measured on a meridian north or south from the equator.
longitudeAngular distance between the plane of a medirian east or west from the plane of the meridian of Greenwich.
Site characteristics
factypeWhether the facility is a smelter or an electrowinning plant.
commodityThe mineral processed in the facilities.
ownerThe name of the company that owns or operates the facility.
statusWhether the facility is operating, closed, or under development.
capacityThe production of copper measured in thousand metric tons.
proctypeThe technology used to process the mineral.