Database structure

Table Description
datadxny Data dictionary, explaining tables and fields
dep_model Mineral deposit model and geoenvironmental model classifications for a deposit.
descr_sum A table that contains relevant descriptions found in source reports. These descriptions are categorized according to the type of description, such as Geology, History, Production, Resources, and so on.
geolminocc Geological information about the mineral deposits, prospects, and showings.
history Information derived from publicly available sources regarding the status of a mine, prospect, deposit, or mineral region through time.
place Geographic index of point locations using unique identifiers from the Common Geographic Areas formal thesaurus, a controlled vocabulary that indicates hierarchical relationships between areas of the same type and see-also relationships where areas of one type overlap those of other types.
points Point locations of mines, mineral occurrences (which includes deposits, prospects, and showings), and mineral regions, and the attribute information describing the location, source report, scale of the map used to obtain the location, and if the location has a polygonal footprint in the Loc_Poly feature class.
polygons Footprints or polygons of areas, deposits, mineral districts, mining districts, placer districts, and prospects. Attribute information of each polygon is given in the point record for the feature.
production Published production data for mines. Production is listed by commodity and reported as shown in the source reports.
reference Bibliographic references indicated by ref_id and similar values in other tables.
resources Reported resource and reserve information for mineral deposits.
site Identifies related features, such as a deposit and the mines operating on it, or a mine and its related deposits.
workings Approximate area of mining-related activity, or "surface workings" as shown on aerial imagery provided by Esri.

Database field categories

Metadata 62
Bibliographic reference 17
Site identification 11
Geographic location 14
Site characteristics 55
Production and resources 52