Nickel Mountain Mine

Open Pit Mine with commodities nickel, cobalt

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About this location

Feature ID Co-Mf00577
Other names Hanna Mine
Geographic coordinates -123.437864, 42.966017
Point definition Center of open pit
Reference Pecora and Hobbs (1942); Plate 38
Date: 1942; Scale: Large (>1:24,000)
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Descriptions from sources


The ore is mined by open pit methods by The Hanna Mining Company. After preliminary screening at the mine, ore is conveyed by an 8300 foot long aerial tramway to a smelter located at the foot of Nickel Mountain. The smelter, 2000 feet below the mine level, is owned and operated by the Hanna Nickel Smelting Company. Ore is smelted by an adaptation of the Ugine process (36) in which ferrosilicon is used to reduce iron and nickel oxides in molten ore to ferronickel containing about 48 percent nickel.

Cumberlidge, J.T., and Chase, F.M., 1968, 79. Geology of the Nickel Mountain Mine, Riddle, Oregon in Ridge, J.D., ed., Ore Deposits of the United States, 1933-1967, Graton-Sales Volume 2, American Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, Petroleum Engineers, New York, p. 1650-1672.

Production summaries

Dates Material Amount Units
1964 to 1984 nickel 550,000,000 pounds

Detailed production statistics

1964 to 1984: nickel
Beginning year 1964
Ending year 1984
Associated deposits Mo00767
Materials nickel
Material type commodity
Material amount 550,000,000
Amount units pounds
Contained commodity 550,000,000
Contained commodity units pounds
Material amount SI 250,000(calculated)
Material amount SI units metric tons
Contained commodity SI 250,000(calculated)
Contained commodity SI units metric tons
Contained commodity element Ni
Remarks Production incomplete for years operated
Short reference Hanna Mining Co. (1980)Page 9
Reference The Hanna Mining Company., 1980, Iron Ore Production at New Highs In United States, Canada, Brazil: Annual Report (1979), p. 11

History of the site

Dates Status Detail Reference
1954 to 1984 Active Intermittent production
1984 to 1984 Inactive Mine closed

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