Prospect with commodities copper

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About this location

Feature ID Re-Mo00354
Geographic coordinates -112.147797, 40.530879
Point definition Approximate center of polygon
Polygon definition >1% Cu Skarn (projected)
Reference Harrison and Reid (1997); Figure 1
Date: 1997; Scale: Large (>1:24,000)

Deposit models and geoenvironmental models

Type Model Reference
Deposit model Porphyry Cu John, D.A., Ayuso, R.A., Barton, M.D., Blakely, R.J., Bodnar, R.J., Dilles, J.H., Gray, Floyd, Graybeal, F.T., Mars, J.C., McPhee, D.K., Seal, R.R., Taylor, R.D., and Vikre, P.G., 2010, Porphyry copper deposit model, chap. B of Mineral deposit models for resource assessment: U.S. Geological Survey Scientific Investigations Report 2010–5070–B, 169 p.
Geoenvironmental model Porphyry Cu du Bray, E.A., 1995, ed., Preliminary compilation of descriptive geoenvironmental mineral deposit models: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-831, 272 p.

History of the site

Dates Status Detail Reference
1997 to 1997 Exploration Drilling is in progress to define a recently discovered block of mineralization Harrison and Reid (1997)

Geographic context based on the point coordinates