Bartels Mine

Portal Mine with commodities tin

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About this location

Feature ID Sn-Mf00350
Geographic coordinates -167.956458, 65.583791
Point definition Approximate location on map
Reference Mulligan (1966); Page 24, Figure 7
Date: 1966; Scale: Large (>1:24,000)

Production summaries

Dates Material Amount Units
1906 to 1906 tin 6 short tons

Detailed production statistics

1906 to 1906: tin
Beginning year 1906
Ending year 1906
Associated deposits Mo00547
Materials tin
Material type commodity
Material amount 6
Amount units short tons
Material amount SI 5
Material amount SI units metric tons
Short reference Mulligan (1966)Page 8, Table 3
Reference Mulligan, J.J., 1966, Tin-lode investigations, Cape Mountain Area, Seward Peninsula, Alaska, Bureau of Mines Report Investigations 6737, 43 p.

History of the site

Dates Status Detail Reference
1906 to 1906 Active Produced tin in 1906 from lode mine of 6.0 short tons at a dollar value of 6,819 Mulligan (1966)
1918 to 1918 Inactive All workings were abandoned Steidtmann and Cathcart (1922)

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