Valley View, Valley View mine

Open Pit Mine with commodities tungsten

More information at and near this site: W-NV00133

About this location

Feature ID W-Mf00449
Other names Harold's; Mountain View; Saunders; Saunders Property
Geographic coordinates -117.262, 41.151
Point definition Location of the Mountain View Mine from imported GIS file
Reference Horton and San Juan (2020); 625k Points file
Date: 2020
Remarks (1) Stager and Tingley (1988)

Production summaries

Dates Material Amount Units
1942 to 1956 tungsten trioxide (WO3) 37,680 short ton units

Detailed production statistics

1942 to 1956: tungsten trioxide (WO3)
Beginning year 1942
Ending year 1956
Associated deposits Mo00235
Materials tungsten trioxide (WO3)
Material type commodity
Material amount 37,680
Amount units short ton units
Contained commodity 37,680
Contained commodity units short ton units
Material amount SI 271(calculated)
Material amount SI units metric tons
Contained commodity SI 271(calculated)
Contained commodity SI units metric tons
Contained commodity element W
Short reference Stager and Tingley (1988)Page 89
Reference Stager, H.K., and Tingley, J.V., 1988, Tungsten deposits in Nevada: Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Bulletin 105, 258 p.

History of the site

Dates Status Detail Reference
1943 to 1955 Active Production commenced in 1943 and continued to 1955 Hotz and Willden (1964)

Geographic context based on the point coordinates