Deposit with commodities copper, molybdenum

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About this location

Feature ID Re-Mo00357
Geographic coordinates -114.971239, 39.25806
Point definition Approximate center of polygon
Polygon definition Copper deposit
Reference Hardy and others (2009); Figure 9.1
Date: 2009; Scale: Medium (1:24,000-1:250,000)

Geologic information

Commodities copper; molybdenum
Valuable materials chalcopyrite; molybdenite; bornite; chalcocite; digenite
Associated materials quartz; chalcedony; pyrite; pyrrhotite; magnetite; actinolite; calcite
Mineralization style blanket; dissemiated
Age of mineralization 111-109 Ma (1)
Host rock age Mississippian; Pennsylvanian; Early Creatceous
Host unit name Chainman Shale; Ely Limestone
Host lithologies limestone; shale; quartz monzonite
Alteration argillic; propylitic; biotite-orthoclase; potassic; quartz-sericite; oxidized; silicification; potassic; sericitized
Reference Westra, G., 1982, Alteration and Mineralization in the Ruth Porphyry Copper Deposit near Ely, Nevada: Economic Geology, Volume 77, p. 950-970.
Additional references (1) Singer and others (2008)

Deposit models and geoenvironmental models

Type Model Reference
Deposit model Porphyry Cu Singer, D.A., Mosier, D.L., and Cox, D.P., 1986, Grade and Tonnage Model of Porphyry Cu in Cox, D.P., and Singer, D.A., 1986, Mineral deposit models: U.S. Geological Survey Bulletin 1693, p. 77-81.
Geoenvironmental model Porphyry Cu du Bray, E.A., 1995, ed., Preliminary compilation of descriptive geoenvironmental mineral deposit models: U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 95-831, 272 p.

Resource estimate summaries

Date Description Class Type Material Contained Units
1905 Ore Proven ore copper 124,800,000 pounds

Detailed resource estimates

1905: Ore, Proven
Year of estimate 1905
Resource description Ore
Resource classification Proven
Material copper
Material type ore
Material amount 2,400,000
Amount units tons
Grade 2.6
Grade units percent
Contained commodity 124,800,000
Contained commodity units pounds
Material amount SI 2,200,000
Material amount SI units metric tons
Grade SI 2.6
Grade SI units percent
Contained commodity SI 56,610
Contained commodity SI units metric tons
Short reference Spencer (1917)Page 157
Reference Spencer, A.C., 1917, The Geology and Ore Deposits of Ely, Nevada: U.S. Geological Survey Professional Paper 96, 189 p.

History of the site

Dates Status Detail Reference
1901 to 1901 Discovery The body of porphyry ore covered by the Ruth and adjacent claims appears to have been discovered in 1901 Spencer (1917)

Geographic context based on the point coordinates