Earth MRI data acquisition project web services

These web services provide publicly-available information about projects funded through the initiative Earth MRI, including work carried out by USGS and by other organizations such as state geological surveys.

Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) web services

Type Version URL (GetCapabilities request)
WMS 1.3.0
WFS 1.1.0

GeoJSON web service

Service URL
Input parameters
pid Project identifier number, such as 5010. If omitted, all existing projects are returned.
format Output format, json, xml, or html. Parameter name may be abbreviated as f. Default is json. Value is not case sensitive.
callback This parameter is used by Javascript libraries to request information in JSONP format.

In JSON, output conforms to the GeoJSON specification and contains a FeatureCollection object. Each object in the features array describes one project. Properties of the projects are as follows:

pid Unique identifier of the project as known to the program managers, an integer.
pname Project name, text.
yearstart Year the project was officially begun.
yearend Year the project was officially completed. Null if project is not yet completed.
affiliatio Organization carrying out the project. Where more than one organization is directly involved, names are separated by semicolon.
cphone Contact telephone number for the project.
website Web address of the organization carrying out the work.
pdescrip Short description of the project.
pdata Web address from which data generated by the project may be obtained. Null if project is not yet completed.
pdatgchem Web address from which ancillary geochemical data generated by the project may be obtained. Null if ancillary geochemical data for the project is not yet completed and released.
pkeyword Keywords drawn from the USGS Thesaurus.
parea Area of the study in square miles, rounded to the nearest square mile.
papprox Flag indicating whether the study area boundary provided by this service is approximate, having been generalized for presentation through this service. A single character Y or N.
abstract Abstract describing the work in more detail.
program Array of general data categories of Earth MRI data to be acquired by the project. Terms from
  • 3D geological model
  • geochemistry
  • Geologic mapping
  • Geophysics
  • Lidar
  • Reconnaissance geochemistry

Array of brief contact information records serving as joint points of contact for the project.

cid Arbitrary integer identifier for the contact information record.
cname Name of the point of contact.
cmail Email address of the point of contact.

Array of publication information records describing non-USGS publications resulting from the project.

id Arbitrary integer identifier for the publication information record.
affiliation Organization hosting or publishing the work.
poc Name of the point of contact.
pocemail Email address of the point of contact.
pubtype General type of work or publication.
citation Formal bibliographic citation for the work, if a publication.
website Online link to the work.

Array of controlled and non-controlled terms assigned to this acquisition record.

thesaurus Numerical unique identifier of the controlled vocabulary, or zero if term is not from a controlled vocabulary. Information about the thesaurus can be obtained through web services at and include
Thesaurus code Thesaurus name
1 Common Geographic Areas
2 USGS Thesaurus
3 Alexandria Digital Library Feature Type Thesaurus
4 Lithologic classification of geologic map units
code Unique identifier of the term within the thesaurus, may be numeric or character.
term Preferred text of the term as specified by the thesaurus.
scope Scope note for the term as specified by the thesaurus.
parent Preferred text of the broader term (parent) as specified by the thesaurus.

Example in JSON