Ima mine (Blue Wing Mining District)

Region West, Northwest
Mineral systems
Deposit types
Critical minerals
Other minerals

Information leading to the delineation of this focus area

Basis for focus area Tungsten veins, district outline from USMIN location polygon ID00049.
Identified resources Historical production of copper, gold, lead, silver, tungsten, and zinc.
Production Ima mine (1934-1982): 1,813,758 lbs Cu, 20,581 lbs Zn, 1,296,358 troy oz Ag, 302 troy oz Au, 2,921,509 lbs Pb, and 198,330 short ton units WO3 for a calculated contained 1,426 metric tons W (Mitchell, 1999).
Status Past mining.
Estimated resources Ima mine (1999): Contained 670 tons Cu, 700 tons Zn, 670,000 troy oz Ag, 770 tons Pb, and 1,800 tons WO3 (Mitchell, 1999).
Geologic maps Callaghan and Lemmon (1943, plate 1), scale 1:7,500.
Geophysical data Inadequate aeromagnetic and aeroradiometric coverage.
Favorable rocks and structures Favorable rock types are Paleozoic carbonates along contacts with granitic intrusions of the Mount Torrey batholith.
Deposits Ima mine (MRDS dep_id: 10071993; USMIN Site_ID: ID00049).
Evidence from mineral occurrences MRDS; USMIN.
Geochemical evidence Ore minerals at the Ima mine were anglesite, bornite, cerargyrite, chalcocite, chalcopyrite, covellite, cuprite, galena, huebnerite, malachite, molybdenite, pyromorphite, scheelite, sphalerite, and tetrahedrite; gangue minerals included calcite, fluorite, limonite, microcline, muscovite, pyrite, quartz, siderite, mica, and orthoclase.
Geophysical evidence Unknown.
Evidence from other sources Unknown.
Comments Molybdenite mineralization at depth. Significant historical tungsten producer.
Cover thickness and description Exposed at the surface.
Authors Virginia S. Gillerman, Reed S. Lewis, Christopher A. Tate.
New data needs Updated geologic mapping, high resolution geophysics.
Geologic mapping and modeling needs Updated geologic mapping.
Geophysical survey and modeling needs High-resolution, Rank 1 aeromagnetic and aeroradiometric surveys.
Digital elevation data needs Lidar in progress.