Trout Creek district

Region West, Southwest
Mineral systems
Deposit types
Critical minerals
Other minerals

Information leading to the delineation of this focus area

Basis for focus area Outline of Trout Creek district from Krahulec (2018b). Historical production of W and recognized ore grade Be.
Identified resources Historical production of lead, silver, tungsten, and zinc.
Production 93 t Zn-Pb-Ag ore and 7890 lbs WO3 (Krahulec, 2018b).
Status Past mining.
Estimated resources Unknown.
Geologic maps Rodgers (2020), scale 1:50,000.
Geophysical data Inadequate Rank 4 aeromagnetic coverage.
Favorable rocks and structures Neoproterozoic rocks have been intruded and domed by a series of alaskite sills. The alaskite primarily occurs as sills and varies from coarse-grained pegmatite to aplite, is commonly foliated along its contacts, and is principally composed of quartz, potassium feldspar, muscovite, garnet, and locally biotite (Nutt and others, 1990; Krahulec, 2018b).
Deposits Trout Creek, Gold Bond, Apex.
Evidence from mineral occurrences UMOS (Utah Geological Survey, 2021); Krahulec (2018b).
Geochemical evidence Geochemical sampling shows sporadic ore-grade W, Zn, and Be, and geochemically anomalous Au, Ag, Bi, Cd, Cu, F, Pb, Mo, and Sn (Thomson, 1973; Hannigan, 1990; Nutt and others, 1990).
Geophysical evidence Unknown.
Evidence from other sources See Krahulec (2018b), Nutt and others (1990).
Comments Enrichment of some critical commodities (for example, Sb, As, Ga, Ge, In, Mn, Nb, Sc and Ta) inferred from the mineral system/deposit type table (Hofstra and Kreiner, 2020) and require further testing.
Cover thickness and description Unknown.
Authors Stephanie Mills, Joshua M. Rosera.
New data needs Detailed geologic mapping and geochemical sampling to determine potential of inferred mineral system.
Geologic mapping and modeling needs 1:24,000 geologic mapping.
Geophysical survey and modeling needs Not requested at this time.
Digital elevation data needs Lidar inadequate.