Scientific data near [36.93267,-111.44764]

Search area extends approximately 2.2 km east-west and 2.8 km north-south.

Geographic context

Counties, states, countries, continents, or oceans
United Statescountry
North Americacontinent
Map quadrangles, from USGS or Canadian NTS
Pagequadrangle 1:24,000 scale
Glen Canyon Damquadrangle 1:100,000 scale
Marble Canyonquadrangle 1:250,000 scale
Watershed boundaries (USGS hydrologic units)
Lower Lake Powellhydrologic unit
Upper Colorado-Dirty Devilhydrologic accounting unit
Upper Colorado-Dirty Devilhydrologic subregion
Upper Coloradohydrologic region

Geology of US states

Airborne geophysical surveys

The continental crust

Global assessment of undiscovered copper resources

Prospect- and mine-related features on USGS topographic maps