Scientific data near [34.58000,-113.17000]

Search area extends approximately 2.2 km east-west and 2.7 km north-south.

Geographic context

Counties, states, countries, continents, or oceans
United Statescountry
North Americacontinent
Map quadrangles, from USGS or Canadian NTS
Bagdadquadrangle 1:24,000 scale
Bagdadquadrangle 1:100,000 scale
Prescottquadrangle 1:250,000 scale
Watershed boundaries (USGS hydrologic units)
Santa Mariahydrologic unit
Bill Williamshydrologic accounting unit
Lower Coloradohydrologic subregion
Lower Coloradohydrologic region

Geology of US states

Airborne geophysical surveys

Estimates of undiscovered mineral resources

The continental crust

Major mineral deposits of the world

National Geochemical Database: Rock

Global assessment of undiscovered copper resources