National Geochemical Survey database

National-scale geochemical analysis of stream sediments and soils in the US, from existing data, reanalysis of existing samples, and new sampling. Goal for sample density is one per 289 square km.


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Format Size Notes
Shapefile 74,409 samples, 5.2MB .ZIP package a subset of 53 attributes: ICP40, As, Se, Hg, excludes standards
dBase file 77,212 records, 19.6MB .ZIP package all 287 attributes, includes standards
CSV file 77,212 records, 13MB .ZIP package all 287 attributes, includes standards



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Full documentation of the National Geochemical Survey

Complete report on the web including summaries of component datasets used to compile this resource, maps showing county-by- county average concentration of elements, and comprehensive explanations of the analytical methods.

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