Average concentrations of elements in Lake County, Illinois

    Counties page > Al in Conterminous US > Al in upper-midwestern US > Averages in Lake County (Calculated from cells in the geochemical grid plotting in this area.)
Element Symbol Mean Std. dev. Minimum Maximum
AluminumAl (wt%)4.8360.5253.2825.996
ArsenicAs (ppm)7.9331.8382.18913.371
CalciumCa (wt%)5.5322.2551.40514.986
CopperCu (ppm)28.9919.1628.38364.572
IronFe (wt%)2.6320.3441.2373.530
MercuryHg (ppm)0.2070.2030.0291.159
MagnesiumMg (wt%)2.3700.4240.9913.880
ManganeseMn (ppm)854.937120.668325.9761400.050
SodiumNa (wt%)0.5180.0610.3230.753
PhosphorusP (wt%)0.0970.0190.0440.170
LeadPb (ppm)41.44718.12315.102117.594
SeleniumSe (ppm)0.6600.1150.2351.039
TitaniumTi (wt%)0.2420.0270.1500.366
ZincZn (ppm)107.65940.31234.672243.812

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