Average concentrations of elements in Seward County, Kansas

    Counties page > Fe in Conterminous US > Fe in central US > Averages in Seward County (Calculated from cells in the geochemical grid plotting in this area.)
Element Symbol Mean Std. dev. Minimum Maximum
AluminumAl (wt%)4.8370.7253.5936.353
ArsenicAs (ppm)4.5990.7283.5195.926
CalciumCa (wt%)2.2510.7900.9616.441
CopperCu (ppm)8.2622.0494.72512.619
IronFe (wt%)2.2290.6771.0433.628
MercuryHg (ppm)0.0100.0010.0100.016
MagnesiumMg (wt%)0.4860.1340.2810.733
ManganeseMn (ppm)396.953115.473202.313589.868
SodiumNa (wt%)0.7590.0820.5020.867
PhosphorusP (wt%)0.0530.0110.0300.079
LeadPb (ppm)21.1532.12517.66325.679
SeleniumSe (ppm)0.2720.0700.1060.556
TitaniumTi (wt%)0.2960.0660.1640.429
ZincZn (ppm)47.99112.60421.84968.189

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