Average concentrations of elements in Saint James Parish, Louisiana

    Counties page > Al in Conterminous US > Al in south-central US > Averages in Saint James Parish (Calculated from cells in the geochemical grid plotting in this area.)
Element Symbol Mean Std. dev. Minimum Maximum
AluminumAl (wt%)5.8790.2565.1676.433
ArsenicAs (ppm)13.4722.1058.70519.321
CalciumCa (wt%)0.8020.0520.7000.925
CopperCu (ppm)19.4061.59014.20622.103
IronFe (wt%)2.5670.1662.1612.906
MercuryHg (ppm)0.0660.0040.0600.076
MagnesiumMg (wt%)0.6380.0700.4160.741
ManganeseMn (ppm)489.53062.871371.613638.154
SodiumNa (wt%)0.7550.0670.6060.896
PhosphorusP (wt%)0.0680.0140.0360.100
LeadPb (ppm)29.1243.37322.47139.833
SeleniumSe (ppm)0.5380.0780.4030.753
TitaniumTi (wt%)0.2880.0140.2610.313
ZincZn (ppm)84.81310.35060.263115.707

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