Average concentrations of elements in San Juan County, New Mexico

    Counties page > Fe in Conterminous US > Fe in central US > Averages in San Juan County (Calculated from cells in the geochemical grid plotting in this area.)
Element Symbol Mean Std. dev. Minimum Maximum
AluminumAl (wt%)5.4310.8962.8287.656
ArsenicAs (ppm)4.4941.2521.83820.342
CalciumCa (wt%)2.1570.9170.2217.264
CopperCu (ppm)13.0324.7162.00149.888
IronFe (wt%)2.6001.0300.8907.016
MercuryHg (ppm)0.7342.7850.01029.325
MagnesiumMg (wt%)0.8420.2230.1941.860
ManganeseMn (ppm)439.942177.72678.5961294.680
SodiumNa (wt%)0.8860.4150.1122.392
PhosphorusP (wt%)0.0620.0120.0200.116
LeadPb (ppm)35.12045.20410.980507.266
SeleniumSe (ppm)0.2940.1630.1002.581
TitaniumTi (wt%)0.3090.1120.1430.747
ZincZn (ppm)67.74637.34924.093448.445

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