Average concentrations of elements in Brazos County, Texas

    Counties page > Na in Conterminous US > Na in south-central US > Averages in Brazos County (Calculated from cells in the geochemical grid plotting in this area.)
Element Symbol Mean Std. dev. Minimum Maximum
AluminumAl (wt%)2.8450.4961.7214.511
ArsenicAs (ppm)4.5071.6201.6359.847
CalciumCa (wt%)0.5980.6500.1663.176
CopperCu (ppm)3.6421.3321.7607.729
IronFe (wt%)1.1280.3090.5782.099
MercuryHg (ppm)0.0170.0050.0100.030
MagnesiumMg (wt%)0.1610.0500.0810.347
ManganeseMn (ppm)250.709148.40490.0821180.940
SodiumNa (wt%)0.4050.1650.0921.052
PhosphorusP (wt%)0.0170.0030.0100.025
LeadPb (ppm)14.5211.2588.60217.966
SeleniumSe (ppm)0.2170.0900.1030.657
TitaniumTi (wt%)0.2920.0430.2020.554
ZincZn (ppm)29.4054.97517.96444.134

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