National Geochronological Database sample #17338

Outcrop or artificial surface exposure, Metadiabase

Geographic location
-81.970278, 36.081667
81° 58' 13" W, 36° 4' 54" N
Avery county, NC
Newland 1:24,000 scale map quadrangle
Accurate to within 1 second (~100 feet)
Source of sample Outcrop or artificial surface exposure
Rock name Metadiabase
Description Dikees, fine grained
Laboratories University of North Carolina
Compiler name Roland, R.
Date compiled 1993 08
Precision of location Accurate to within 1 second (~100 feet)
Bibliographic reference Goldberg, S.A., Butler, J.R., and Fullagar, P.D., 1986, The Bakersville Dike Swarm: geochronology and petrogenesis of late proterozoic basaltic magmatism in the southern Appalachian Blue Ridge: American Journal of Science, v. 286, p. 403-430.
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Geologic map unit -81.970278, 36.081667
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Rb-Sr age determinations

Age estimate 734 ± 26Ma
age of intrusion
Type of analysis 87Sr/86Sr-87Rb/86Sr isochron (whole rock)
Rock or mineral analyzed whole rock
Analytical details
Lab sample ID B24
Decay constants 1.42E-05
Initial 87Sr/86Sr 0.70444
Ratio 87Rb/86Sr 0.2049
Ratio 87Sr/86Sr 0.70634
Normal? T