National Geochronological Database sample #3697

Outcrop or artificial surface exposure, Volcanic

Geographic location
-115.506667, 35.77
115° 30' 24" W, 35° 46' 12" N
Clark county, NV
Shenandoah Peak 1:62,500 scale map quadrangle
Accurate to within 0.1 minute (~500 feet)
Source of sample Outcrop or artificial surface exposure
Rock name Volcanic
Laboratories Ohio State University
Compiler name Nichols, S.L.
Date compiled 1978 03
Precision of location Accurate to within 0.1 minute (~500 feet)
Location comment SPRING MOUNTAINS
Bibliographic reference Marvin, R.F., Mehnert, H.H., and Mckee, E.H., 1973, A Summary Of Radiometric Ages Of Tertiary Volcanic Rocks In Nevada and Eastern California. Part III: Southeastern Nevada: Isochron/West, No. 6, p. 1-30.
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Geologic map unit -115.506667, 35.77
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K-Ar age determinations

Age estimate 13.48 ± 0.2Ma
age of volcanism
Type of analysis conventional K-Ar
Rock or mineral analyzed biotite
Analytical details
Lab sample ID 122
Decay constants 4.72E-04, 0.585E-04, 1.19E-04*
K2O concentration 7.93 %
Radiogenic 40Ar concentration 1.545
Radiogenic Ar 67 %