Geologic maps of US states

Digital geologic maps of the US states with consistent lithology, age, GIS database structure, and format
Data for the District of Columbia is included with Maryland. Separate geologic maps are available for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

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Downloads for all states

Download link Contents Format Size Geography and attributes File geodatabase 415M Geography Shapefile 634M Attributes of units and features CSV 1.6M
USGS-SGMC.kml Geography and attributes KML image 2k

List of geologic units by state or county


Downloads for any state

State Shapefile + CSV (Zip) Compressed KML (KMZ)
Alabama (25.8M) algeol.kmz (15.1M)
Arkansas (5.5M) argeol.kmz (3.4M)
Arizona (7.2M) azgeol.kmz (4.9M)
California (23.8M) cageol.kmz (14.0M)
Colorado (7.8M) cogeol.kmz (4.7M)
Connecticut (3.9M) ctgeol.kmz (2.6M)
Delaware (513k) degeol.kmz (198k)
Florida (16.7M) flgeol.kmz (8.1M)
Georgia (9.4M) gageol.kmz (6.4M)
Iowa (21.1M) iageol.kmz (15.0M)
Idaho (11.8M) idgeol.kmz (7.1M)
Illinois (14.1M) ilgeol.kmz (9.0M)
Indiana (2.6M) ingeol.kmz (1.9M)
Kansas (12.8M) ksgeol.kmz (8.6M)
Kentucky (11.2M) kygeol.kmz (7.4M)
Louisiana (6.4M) lageol.kmz (3.8M)
Massachusetts (10.9M) mageol.kmz (7.0M)
Maryland (3.9M) mdgeol.kmz (2.4M)
Maine (2.1M) megeol.kmz (1.2M)
Michigan (1.9M) migeol.kmz (958k)
Minnesota (23.6M) mngeol.kmz (15.3M)
Missouri (42.6M) mogeol.kmz (29.3M)
Mississippi (1.3M) msgeol.kmz (990k)
Montana (90.5M) mtgeol.kmz (61.9M)
North Carolina (4.7M) ncgeol.kmz (3.0M)
North Dakota (4.5M) ndgeol.kmz (1.9M)
Nebraska (1.9M) negeol.kmz (1.5M)
New Hampshire (3.1M) nhgeol.kmz (1.2M)
New Jersey (6.0M) njgeol.kmz (3.7M)
New Mexico (16.5M) nmgeol.kmz (11.1M)
Nevada (65.9M) nvgeol.kmz (42.0M)
New York (11.4M) nygeol.kmz (6.2M)
Ohio (19.7M) ohgeol.kmz (13.9M)
Oklahoma (16.2M) okgeol.kmz (10.9M)
Oregon (14.2M) orgeol.kmz (7.6M)
Pennsylvania (44.6M) pageol.kmz (30.3M)
Rhode Island (1.5M) rigeol.kmz (844k)
South Carolina (3.8M) scgeol.kmz (2.7M)
South Dakota (17.4M) sdgeol.kmz (12.5M)
Tennessee (60.0M) tngeol.kmz (41.6M)
Texas (50.1M) txgeol.kmz (35.6M)
Utah (15.0M) utgeol.kmz (8.9M)
Virginia (8.2M) vageol.kmz (5.1M)
Vermont (22.5M) vtgeol.kmz (16.8M)
Washington (5.4M) wageol.kmz (3.5M)
Wisconsin (1.2M) wigeol.kmz (791k)
West Virginia (17.3M) wvgeol.kmz (12.4M)
Wyoming (14.8M) wygeol.kmz (9.5M)


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