Geologic maps of US states

Digital geologic maps of the US states with consistent lithology, age, GIS database structure, and format
Data for the District of Columbia is included with Maryland. Separate geologic maps are available for Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico.

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Downloads for all states

Download link Format Size File geodatabase 415M Shapefile 634M
USGS-SGMC.kml KML image 2k

List of geologic units by state or county


Downloads for any state

State Uncompressed (KML) Compressed (KMZ)
Alabama algeol.kml (44.5M) algeol.kmz (15.1M)
Arkansas argeol.kml (11.5M) argeol.kmz (3.4M)
Arizona azgeol.kml (15.1M) azgeol.kmz (4.9M)
California cageol.kml (50.2M) cageol.kmz (14.0M)
Colorado cogeol.kml (17.6M) cogeol.kmz (4.7M)
Connecticut ctgeol.kml (8.1M) ctgeol.kmz (2.6M)
Delaware degeol.kml (599k) degeol.kmz (198k)
Florida flgeol.kml (24.0M) flgeol.kmz (8.1M)
Georgia gageol.kml (17.8M) gageol.kmz (6.4M)
Iowa iageol.kml (43.5M) iageol.kmz (15.0M)
Idaho idgeol.kml (21.6M) idgeol.kmz (7.1M)
Illinois ilgeol.kml (29.2M) ilgeol.kmz (9.0M)
Indiana ingeol.kml (5.5M) ingeol.kmz (1.9M)
Kansas ksgeol.kml (25.4M) ksgeol.kmz (8.6M)
Kentucky kygeol.kml (23.1M) kygeol.kmz (7.4M)
Louisiana lageol.kml (10.6M) lageol.kmz (3.8M)
Massachusetts mageol.kml (21.8M) mageol.kmz (7.0M)
Maryland mdgeol.kml (6.8M) mdgeol.kmz (2.4M)
Maine megeol.kml (4.8M) megeol.kmz (1.2M)
Michigan migeol.kml (2.7M) migeol.kmz (958k)
Minnesota mngeol.kml (48.5M) mngeol.kmz (15.3M)
Missouri mogeol.kml (87.8M) mogeol.kmz (29.3M)
Mississippi msgeol.kml (2.5M) msgeol.kmz (990k)
Montana mtgeol.kml (191.3M) mtgeol.kmz (61.9M)
North Carolina ncgeol.kml (8.5M) ncgeol.kmz (3.0M)
North Dakota ndgeol.kml (9.4M) ndgeol.kmz (1.9M)
Nebraska negeol.kml (4.1M) negeol.kmz (1.5M)
New Hampshire nhgeol.kml (3.8M) nhgeol.kmz (1.2M)
New Jersey njgeol.kml (12.4M) njgeol.kmz (3.7M)
New Mexico nmgeol.kml (35.7M) nmgeol.kmz (11.1M)
Nevada nvgeol.kml (142.1M) nvgeol.kmz (42.0M)
New York nygeol.kml (17.8M) nygeol.kmz (6.2M)
Ohio ohgeol.kml (40.5M) ohgeol.kmz (13.9M)
Oklahoma okgeol.kml (32.2M) okgeol.kmz (10.9M)
Oregon orgeol.kml (30.8M) orgeol.kmz (7.6M)
Pennsylvania pageol.kml (92.7M) pageol.kmz (30.3M)
Rhode Island rigeol.kml (2.6M) rigeol.kmz (844k)
South Carolina scgeol.kml (7.7M) scgeol.kmz (2.7M)
South Dakota sdgeol.kml (36.5M) sdgeol.kmz (12.5M)
Tennessee tngeol.kml (121.6M) tngeol.kmz (41.6M)
Texas txgeol.kml (103.8M) txgeol.kmz (35.6M)
Utah utgeol.kml (34.3M) utgeol.kmz (8.9M)
Virginia vageol.kml (16.2M) vageol.kmz (5.1M)
Vermont vtgeol.kml (51.7M) vtgeol.kmz (16.8M)
Washington wageol.kml (10.2M) wageol.kmz (3.5M)
Wisconsin wigeol.kml (2.4M) wigeol.kmz (791k)
West Virginia wvgeol.kml (35.9M) wvgeol.kmz (12.4M)
Wyoming wygeol.kml (33.6M) wygeol.kmz (9.5M)


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