Geologic units in Cullman county, Alabama

Pottsville Formation (lower part) (Pennsylvanian) at surface, covers 90 % of this area

Light-gray thick-bedded to massive pebbly quartzose sandstone, containing varying amounts of interbedded dark-gray shale, siltstone, and thin discontinuos coal. The Boyles Sandstone Member is a formally named unit in the lower part of the formation. Top of unit is mapped at the Black Creek coal.

Pottsville Formation (upper part) (Pennsylvanian) at surface, covers 10 % of this area

Interbedded dark-gray shale, siltstone, medium-gray sandstone, and coal in cyclic sequences. In descending order the members include: Razburg Sandstone Member, Camp Branch Sandstone Member, Lick Creek Sandstone Member, and the Bremen Sandstone Member.

Bangor Limestone (Mississippian) at surface, covers 0.3 % of this area

Medium-gray bioclastic and oolitic limestone, containing interbeds of dusky-red and olive-green mudstone in the upper part.

Parkwood Formation (Pennsylvanian-Mississippian) at surface, covers < 0.1 % of this area

Interbedded medium to dark-gray shale and light to medium-gray sandstone; locally contains dusky-red and grayish-green mudstone, argillaceous limestone, and clayey coal.