Geologic units in Chattahoochee county, Georgia

Blufftown Formation (Cretaceous) at surface, covers 49 % of this area

Blufftown Formation

Cusseta Sand (Cretaceous) at surface, covers 15 % of this area

Cusseta Sand

Eutaw Formation (Cretaceous) at surface, covers 12 % of this area

Eutaw Formation

Stream alluvium (Quaternary) at surface, covers 8 % of this area

Stream alluvium and undifferentiated terrace deposits

Ripley Formation (Cretaceous) at surface, covers 8 % of this area

Ripley Formation

Tuscaloosa Formation (Cretaceous) at surface, covers 6 % of this area

Tuscaloosa Formation

Alluvial, coastal and low terrace deposits (Holocene) at surface, covers 0.9 % of this area

Varicolored fine to coarse quartz sand containing clay lenses and gravel in places. Gravel composed of quartz and chert pebbles and assorted metmorphic and igneous rock fragments in streams near the Piedmont. In areas of the Valley and Ridge province gravel composed of angular to subrounded chert, quartz, and quartzite pebbles. Coastal deposits include fine to medium quartz sand with shell fragments and accessory heavy minerals along Gulf beaches and fine to medium quartz sand, silt, clay, peat, mud and ooze in the Mississippi Sound, Little Lagoon, bays, lakes, streams, and estuaries.

Providence Sand (Cretaceous) at surface, covers 0.8 % of this area

Providence Sand, includes Perote Member