Geologic units in Coffee county, Georgia

Neogene undifferentiated (Neogene) at surface, covers 72 % of this area

Includes Altamaha Grit (Dall, 1892); Citronelle Formation (Matson & Berry, 1916); and "Hawthorn Formation" (Cooke, 1939). (*) - outcrops of indurated sandstone and claystone

Pleistocene-Pliocene sands and gravels (Pleistocene-Pliocene) at surface, covers 22 % of this area

Includes, in part, Sunderland, Coharie, and Brandywine "Formations" of Cooke, 1939

Stream alluvium (Quaternary) at surface, covers 6 % of this area

Stream alluvium and undifferentiated terrace deposits