Geologic units in Shelby county, Indiana

Additional scientific data in this geographic area

Muscatatuck Group (Devonian) at surface, covers 88 % of this area

Limestone and dolomite

Louisville Limestone through Brassfield Limestone (Silurian) at surface, covers 5 % of this area

Sexton Creek Limestone at base in Kentland area and on cross-section

Pleasant Mills Formation (Silurian) at surface, covers 5 % of this area

Dolomite, limestone, and argillaceous dolomite

Wabash Formation (Silurian) at surface, covers 2 % of this area

Limestone, dolomite, and argillaceous dolomite

New Albany Shale (Devonian-Mississippian) at surface, covers 0.5 % of this area

Black and greenish-gray shale