Geologic units in Brown county, Kansas

Drift (Pleistocene) at surface, covers 58 % of this area

sand, silt, clay, and some gravel

Loess (Holocene to Pleistocene) at surface, covers 17 % of this area

eolian silts

Admire Group (Late Pennsylvanian) at surface, covers 9 % of this area

Includes: Grenola Limestone, Roca Shale, Red Eagle Limestone (base RE), Johnson Shale, Foraker Limestone (base FO), Janesville Shale with Five Point Limestone Member (base FP), Falls City Limestone, and Onaga Shale.

Wabaunsee Group (Late Pennsylvanian- Virgilian) at surface, covers 6 % of this area

Includes: Wood Siding FM, Root Shale, Stotler Limestone (base ST), Pillsbury Shale, Zeandale Limestone (base Z), Willard Shale, Emporia Limestone (base E), Auburn Shale, Bern Limestone (base BR), Scranton Shale, Howard Limestone (base H), and Severy Shale.

Alluvium (Holocene to Pleistocene) at surface, covers 5 % of this area

unconsolidated sand, silt, clay, and gravel

Council Grove Group (Early Permian Gearyan) at surface, covers 4 % of this area

Includes: Speiser Shale, Funston Limestone, Blue Rapids Shale, Crouse Limestone (base CS), Easy Creek Shale, Bader Limestone (base BE), Stearns Shale, Beattie Limestone, Eskridge Shale, and Neva Limestone.

Wabaunsee Group (Late Pennsylvanian - Virgilian) at surface, covers 0.1 % of this area

Shale, sandstone, and interbedded limestone. Shale is light gray to dark gray, greenish gray, red, or black; contains very thin layers of siltstone; locally very fossiliferous, carbonaceous. Sandstone is brownish gray to yellowish gray, or gray, argillaceous , and micaceous. Limestone is dark gray to medium gray, yellowish gray, thin bedded to thick bedded; very fossiliferous. Contains coal beds less than 1 ft. thick. Approx. max thickness 300 ft

Council Grove Group (Permian) at surface, covers < 0.1 % of this area

Shale and interbedded limestone. Shale is gray, green, red, reddish brown, or maroon, sandy, calcareous, fossiliferous, locally fissile; several fissile black shale beds are in lower 75 feet. Interbedded dark- to light-gray, medium- to thick-bedded, argillaceous, cherty limestone beds are very fossiliferous and locally contain shale partings. Approx. max thickness 300 ft

Admire Group (Permian) at surface, covers < 0.1 % of this area

Shale and interbedded limestone. Shale is dark gray to light gray, brown, red, or green, sandy, calcareous, and fossiliferous. Interbedded dark- to light-gray, very thin to medium bedded, argillaceous, very fossiliferous limestone beds. Near top of unit a fine-grained, micaceous sandstone bed underlies a stromatolite limestone bed which has distinctive lobate bedding. Approx. max thickness 150 ft