Geologic units in Douglas county, Kansas

Shawnee Group (Late Pennsylvanian- Virgilian) at surface, covers 41 % of this area

Includes: Topeka Limestone, Calhoun Shale, Deer Creek Limestone (base DC), Tecumseh Shale, Lecompton Limestone (base LC), Kanwaka Shale, Oread Limestone with Plattsmouth Limestone Member (base PL).

Douglas Group (Late Pennsylvanian- Virgilian) at surface, covers 35 % of this area

Lawrence FM (base LA)- mostly gray shale and sandstone with minor red shale, coal, gray limestone and conglomerate, thickness ranges from 140ft to 250 ft. Stranger FM- five members containing sandstone, shale, and minor limestone, coal and conglomerate ranging from 100 ft. to 180 ft. thickness.

Alluvium (Holocene to Pleistocene) at surface, covers 16 % of this area

unconsolidated sand, silt, clay, and gravel

Drift (Pleistocene) at surface, covers 6 % of this area

sand, silt, clay, and some gravel

Lansing Group (Middle Pennsylvanian- Missourian) at surface, covers 0.9 % of this area

Stanton Limestone- three limestone and two shales members, ranges from 15 to 130 ft. thick. Vilas Shale- sandy, carbonaceous gray shale with some sandstone and limestone locally, ranges from 5 to 120 ft. thick. Plattsburg Limestone- two limestone members seperated by shale, ranging from 25 to 115 ft. thick.