Geologic units in West Feliciana Parish, Louisiana

Additional scientific data in this geographic area

High Terraces (Pleistocene) at surface, covers 49 % of this area

Tan to orange clay, silt, and sand with a large amount of basal gravels. Overlain by 1-9 meters of loess.

Alluvium (Holocene) at surface, covers 25 % of this area

Gray to brownish gray clay and silty clay, reddish brown in the Red River Valley, some sand and gravel locally.

Natural Levees (Holocene) at surface, covers 20 % of this area

Gray and brown silt, silty clay, some very fine sand, reddish brown along the Red River.

Prairie Terraces (Pleistocene) at surface, covers 6 % of this area

Light gray to light brown clay, sandy clay, silt, sand, and some gravels. Overlain by 1-9 meters of loess.

Pascagoula and Hattiesburg formation (Miocene) at surface, covers 0.3 % of this area

Green and bluish-green clay, sandy clay, and sand; gray siltstone and sand; locally fossiliferous.

Citronelle formation (Pleistocene) at surface, covers 0.1 % of this area

Red sand and gravel and white clay; may be of Pliocene age; the formation mapped is equivalent to the Willis sand and does not include the terrace deposits, colluvium, and residuum commonly considered "Citronelle".