Geologic units in Maries county, Missouri

Additional scientific data in this geographic area

Smithville Dolomite, Powell Dolomite, Cotter Dolomite, Jefferson City Dolomite (Early Ordovician-Ibexian Series) at surface, covers 47 % of this area

Fine crystalline, silty, cherty dolomite, and oolitic chert with local sandstone beds.

Roubidoux Formation (Early Ordovician-Ibexian Series) at surface, covers 22 % of this area

Sandstone, chert and interbedded dolomite

Pennsylvanian Undifferentiated (Pennsylvanian) at surface, covers 21 % of this area

Pennsylvanian Undifferentiated

Gasconade Dolomite (Early Ordovician-Ibexian Series) at surface, covers 10 % of this area

Coarse - crystalline cherty dolomite with a basal Gunter Sandstone Member.

Osagean Series (Early Mississippian-Osagean Series) at surface, covers 0.2 % of this area

Keokuk Limestone, Burlington Limestone, Elsey Formation, Reeds Spring Formation, Pierson Limestone, Fern Glen Formation.

Marmaton Group (Middle Pennsylvanian-Middle Series-Desmonian Stage) at surface, covers < 0.1 % of this area

Cyclic deposits, shale and limestone with sandstone, clay and several coal beds, some workable.

Devonian System (Late to Early Devonian) at surface, covers < 0.1 % of this area

Chattanooga Shale, Sylamore Sandstone, Fortune Formation, Holts Summit Sandstone, Snyder Creek Shale, Cedar Valley Limestone, Louisiana Limestone, Saverton Shale, Grassy Creek Shale, Turpin Sandstone, Bushberg Sandstone, Glen Park Limestone, St. Larent Limestone, Beauvais Sandstone, Grand Tower Limestone, Clear Creek Chert, Little Saline Limestone, Grassy Knob Chert, Bailey Formation.