Geologic units in Schuyler county, Missouri

Cherokee Group - Cabaniss Subgroup, Krebs Subgroup (Middle Pennsylvanian-Middle Series-Desmonian Stage) at surface, covers 61 % of this area

Cabaniss Subgroup - cyclic deposits, shale, sandstone, clay and several workable coal beds. Krebs Subgroup - cyclic deposits, sandstone, siltstone, shale, clay and some workable coal beds.

Marmaton Group (Middle Pennsylvanian-Middle Series-Desmonian Stage) at surface, covers 32 % of this area

Cyclic deposits, shale and limestone with sandstone, clay and several coal beds, some workable.

Riverton Formation, Burgner Formation (Middle Pennsylvanian-Atokan Stage) at surface, covers 6 % of this area

Shale, clay, coal. Burgner Formation - limestone.

Meramecian Series (Late Mississippian-Meramecian Series) at surface, covers 0.7 % of this area

St. Louis Limestone, Salem Formation, Warsaw Formation.

Weldon River-Warrensburg-Moberly Channel Sandstone (Late Pennsylvanian-Upper Series-Missourian Stage) at surface, covers 0.2 % of this area

Weldon River-Warrensburg-Moberly Channel Sandstone.

Marmaton Group (Middle Pennsylvanian, upper Desmoinesian) at surface, covers < 0.1 % of this area

Interval includes Morgan School, Mouse Creek, Labette, Pawnee, Bandera, Altamont, Nowata, Lenapah, Memorial, Lost Branch formations. Primary Lithologies: shale/mudstone, light to dark gray; limestone, fossiliferous. Secondary Lithologies: mudstone, green-gray to red/maroon; shale, black, phosphatic; sandstone, very fine to medium grained. Minor: coal; siltstone, conglomerate. Maximum thicknesses: 125-175 ft (38-52 m).