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Geologic units in Sterling county, Texas

Quaternary deposit, undivided (Phanerozoic | Cenozoic | Quaternary) at surface, covers 41 % of this area

sand, silt, clay, and gravel. locally indurated with calcium carbonate (caliche); includes point bar, natural levee, stream channel, sand dune, terrace, alluvial fan, landslide bolson and playa deposits

Antlers Sand (Phanerozoic | Mesozoic | Cretaceous-Early) at surface, covers 24 % of this area

Antlers Sand

alluvium (Phanerozoic | Cenozoic | Quaternary | Holocene) at surface, covers 14 % of this area


Lithology: sand; silt; clay or mud; gravel

Dockum Group, undivided (Phanerozoic | Mesozoic | Triassic-Late) at surface, covers 7 % of this area

Dockum Group

Ogallala Formation (Phanerozoic | Cenozoic | Tertiary | Pliocene Miocene) at surface, covers 6 % of this area

Ogallala Formation

Lingos Formation (Phanerozoic | Cenozoic | Quaternary | Pleistocene-Middle(?) Pleistocene-Late(?) Holocene) at surface, covers 5 % of this area

Lingos Formation

Lithology: sand; gravel; clay or mud; silt

Blackwater Draw Formation (Phanerozoic | Cenozoic | Quaternary | Pleistocene) at surface, covers 2 % of this area

Blackwater Draw Formation

Lithology: sand; silt; clay or mud

Edwards Limestone (Phanerozoic | Mesozoic | Cretaceous-Early) at surface, covers 0.6 % of this area

Edwards Limestone

playa deposits (Phanerozoic | Cenozoic | Quaternary | Pleistocene Holocene) at surface, covers < 0.1 % of this area

playa deposits

Lithology: clay or mud; silt