Geologic units containing Pelitic schist

Pelitic schist
A schistose metamorphic rock derived by metamorphism of an argillaceous or a fine-grained alluminous sediment.

Arizona - California - Idaho - Massachusetts - New Hampshire - New York - Oregon - Virginia





New Hampshire

New York


Colebrooke Schist (Mesozoic or Paleozoic) (Paleozoic or Mesozoic)
Metamorphosed pelitic sedimentary rocks and subordinate metamorphosed submarine pillow lavas and pyroclastic beds of basaltic composition. Metamorphic age is Early Cretaceous (about 130 Ma), according to Coleman (1972), and protolith may be Jurassic or older in age
Sedimentary rocks, partly metamorphosed (Triassic and Paleozoic) (Paleozoic to Triassic)
Poorly bedded argillite, chert, phyllite, phyllitic quartzite, calc-phyllite, impure limestone, and marble. In places rocks are strongly foliated. Sparse fossils (Fusilina, corals, and crinoids) indicate that the unit includes rocks of Leonardian, Ochoan, and Late Triassic age (OR084). Includes Elkhorn Ridge Argillite (OR035), Mesozoic and Paleozoic sedimentary rocks of Brown and Thayer (OR008), and the Permian Coyote Butte Formation (OR085). In Baker County includes "sedimentary and volcanic rocks" (MzPza) of Brooks and others (OR039) and metamorphosed sedimentary and minor volcaniclastic rocks containing mineral assemblages indicative of quartz-albite-muscovite-chlorite subfacies and quartz-albite-epidote-biotite subfacies of the greenschist facies. In Jefferson and Wasco Counties north of Prineville, includes "phyllite and sedimentary rocks " of Swanson (OR031). Includes part of the Burnt River Schist (OR035; OR081) and volcaniclastic facies of several metavolcanic units of Permian and Late Triassic age. Not on State map (OR001) in area of La Grande 100K quadrangle, butmapped in OR291 as Elkhorn Ridge Argillite (Triassic Permian, Pennsylvannian, and Devonian?)