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Geologic units containing alluvial terrace

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Alluvial terrace
A stream terrace composed of unconsolidated alluvium (including gravel), produced by renewed downcutting of the flood plain or valley floor...

Arkansas - Georgia - Idaho - Montana - Oregon - Washington
Alluvium and terrace deposits (Phanerozoic | Cenozoic | Quaternary | Pleistocene Holocene)
Alluvium and terrace deposits - Alluvial deposits of present streams and on one or more terrace levels
Terrace deposits (Phanerozoic | Cenozoic | Quaternary | Pleistocene-Late)
Terrace deposits - Alluvial deposits on one or more terrace levels
Stream alluvium (Quaternary)
Stream alluvium and undifferentiated terrace deposits
Gravel, sand, and silt; glacial outburst flood deposits, outwash, fanglomerate, and alluvium, undivided; Pleistocene (Pleistocene)
Pleistocene outwash, fanglomerate, flood and terrace gravels; sudivisions are: (Qpug, Qpmg, and Qplg).
Gravel, sand, and silt; Quaternary; alluvium (Quaternary)
Quaternary alluvium; may contain some glacial deposits and colluvium in uplands
Gravel, sand, and silt; Quaternary basin-filling alluvium; Snake River Plain, Basin and Range provinces (Quaternary)
Quaternary detritus; generally basin-filling deposits of central and southern Idaho.
Terrace deposits (Phanerozoic | Cenozoic | Tertiary Quaternary)
Terrace deposits: gravel, sand, and silt of terrace remnants.
Terrace gravels (Pleistocene and Pliocene) (Pliocene to Pleistocene)
Unconsolidated to poorly consolidated, poorly sorted gravels and bouldery soil above modern stream channels. In Cascade Range, clasts mostly basalt and andesite. Includes some glacial outwash deposits. In Eastern Oregon, commonly cemented by caliche
Alluvium (Holocene)
Mostly unconsolidated silt, sand, and gravel valley fill with some clay; includes low-level terrace, marsh, peat, artificial fill, and glacial deposits locally.

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