Alluvium and terrace deposits

Alluvial deposits of present streams and on one or more terrace levels
State Arkansas
Name Alluvium and terrace deposits
Geologic age Holocene to Pleistocene
Lithologic constituents
Unconsolidated > Coarse-detrital (Alluvial)
Unconsolidated > Fine-detrital (Alluvial)
Comments unconsoliated gravels, sand, silt, and clay

Haley, B.R., Glick, E.E., Bush, W.V.; Clardy, B.F.; Stone, C.G.; Woodward, M.B., and Zachry, D.L., 1993, Geologic Map of Arkansas: U.S.Geological Survey Special Geologic Map, scale 1:500,000.

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Counties Clay - Independence - Lawrence - Randolph