Tertiary volcanic flow rocks, unit 10 (Alverson)

Tertiary volcanic flow rocks; minor pyroclastic deposits.
State California
Name Tertiary volcanic flow rocks, unit 10 (Alverson)
Geologic age Tertiary (14-18 Ma)
Lithologic constituents
Igneous > Volcanic > Mafic-volcanic > Andesite (Flow, Volcaniclastic-volcanic breccia, Pyroclastic)
Igneous > Volcanic > Mafic-volcanic > Basalt (Flow, Volcaniclastic-volcanic breccia, Pyroclastic)
Igneous > Volcanic > Mafic-volcanic > Basaltic-andesite (Flow, Volcaniclastic-volcanic breccia, Pyroclastic)
Stratigraphic units Alverson Canyon Formation

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Jennings, C.W., Strand, R.G., Rogers, T.H., Boylan, R.T., Moar, R.R., and Switzer, R.A., 1977, Geologic Map of California: California Division of Mines and Geology, Geologic Data Map 2, scale 1:750,000.

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