Sedimentary and volcanic rocks.

Marine limestone and marble of the Martin Bridge Formation and calcareous mudstone and phyllite of the Hurwal Formation exposed west of Riggins and south of Lewiston; basaltic andesite, rhyolite tuff (~202 Ma), and conglomerate along Salmon River southwest of Grangeville; and rhyolite tuff at Pittsburg Landing (~198 Ma). (Mesozoic-Paleozoic Rocks of the Blue Mountains Island-Arc Complex).
State Idaho
Name Sedimentary and volcanic rocks.
Geologic age Jurassic and Triassic
Lithologic constituents

Lewis, Reed S., Link, Paul K., Stanford, Loudon R., and Long, Sean P., Geologic Map of Idaho, 2012, Idaho Geological Survey, Geologic Map 9 (M-9); Scale 1:500,000.

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Counties Adams - Idaho - Lewis - Nez Perce