Quartz diorite.

Primarily quartz diorite, with subordinate diorite, gabbro, granite, and amphibolite; largely undeformed except near eastern part of Blue Mountains island-arc complex; wide age range (160-90 Ma). (Mesozoic-Paleozoic Rocks of the Blue Mountains Island-Arc Complex).
State Idaho
Name Quartz diorite.
Geologic age Cretaceous and Jurassic
Lithologic constituents
Igneous > Plutonic > Dioritic > Quartz-diorite
Igneous > Plutonic > Dioritic > Diorite
Igneous > Plutonic > Granitic > Granite
Igneous > Plutonic > Gabbroic > Gabbro
Metamorphic > Amphibolite

Lewis, Reed S., Link, Paul K., Stanford, Loudon R., and Long, Sean P., Geologic Map of Idaho, 2012, Idaho Geological Survey, Geologic Map 9 (M-9); Scale 1:500,000.

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