Lower Pope Group (Aux Vases Sandstone through Glen Dean Limestone)

Lower Pope Group (Aux Vases Sandstone through Glen Dean Limestone).
State Illinois
Name Lower Pope Group (Aux Vases Sandstone through Glen Dean Limestone)
Geologic age Mississippian (Visean)
Lithologic constituents
Sedimentary > Clastic > Sandstone (Bed, Calcareous)Sandstone can be calcareous or dolomitic or shaly or argillaceous, also can be conglomeratic,
Sedimentary > Carbonate > Limestone (Bed)Limestone can be cherty or oolitic.
Sedimentary > Clastic > Mudstone > Shale (Bed)Shale can be silty.
Comments According to the stratigraphic column, the Pope Group only occurs in southern Illinois (south of 40 degrees north latitude). The lower part of the Pope Group is comprised, from oldest to youngest, of the Aux Vases Sandstone (0-160’), Renault Limestone (0-40’) and Yankeetown Sandstone (0-105’) [which together are equivalent to the Paoli Limestone (0-120’, includes the Levias Ls, “Lower Renault”, Shetlerville Ls, and “Benoist”)], Downeys Bluff Limestone (includes “Upper Renault”), Bethel Sandstone (0-110’), Paint Creek Formation (0-150’) and equivalent Ridenhower Formation (0-150’, includes “Paint Creek sand” and Sample Ss), Cypress Sandstone (0-200’, includes “Weiler/Kirkwood”), Beech Creek Limestone (0-40’, includes “Barlow”), Golconda Formation (0-180’, includes Big Clifty Ss – “Jackson sand”, Fraileys Sh, and Haney Ls – “Golconda lime”), Hardinsburg Sandstone (0-180’), and Glen Dean Limestone (0-110’). [Oil well drillers' terms shown in quotation marks.]
Stratigraphic units Renault Limestone, Yankeetown Sandstone, Paoli Limestone (Levias Limestone, “Lower Renault”, Shetlerville Limestone, “Benoist”), Downeys Bluff Limestone (“Upper Renault”), Bethel Sandstone, Paint Creek Formation, Ridenhower Formation (“Paint Creek sand”, Sample Sandstone), Cypress Sandstone (“Weiler/Kirkwood”), Beech Creek Limestone (“Barlow”), Golconda Formation (Big Clifty Sandstone – “Jackson sand”, Fraileys Shale, Haney Limestone – “Golconda lime”), Hardinsburg Sandstone.

Kolata, D.R., comp., 2005, Bedrock Geology of Illinois: Champaign, Ill., Illinois State Geological Survey, Illinois Map Series 14, scale 1:500,000.

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