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Cretaceous sediments

Cretaceous sediments - Clay, silt, sand, and gravel, mostly of non-marine and nearshore marine origin, Campanian and older.
State Massachusetts
Name Cretaceous sediments
Geologic age Cretaceous
Comments Part of Milford-Dedham Zone (Tertiary and Older Rocks)
Primary rock type clay or mud
Secondary rock type silt
Other rock types sand; gravel
Lithologic constituents
Map references
Unpublished Digital Geologic Map of Massachusetts received from Rudi Hon at Boston College in 1998.
Unit references
Zen, E-An (ed.), Goldsmith, R. (comp.), Ratcliffe, N.M. (comp.), Robinson, P. (comp.), Stanley, R.S. (comp.), Hatch, N.L., Jr., Shride, A.F., Weed, E.G.A., Wones, D.R., 1983, Bedrock Geologic Map of Massachusetts: U.S. Geological Survey, Reston, VA, scale 1: 250,000.
Counties Dukes - Nantucket