Devonian Mapleton Formation

Devonian Mapleton Formation
State Maine
Name Devonian Mapleton Formation
Geologic age Devonian
Lithologic constituents
Sedimentary > Clastic > SandstoneU - Unmetamorphosed; Protolith H - Lithic sandstone and conglomerate
Sedimentary > Clastic > ConglomerateU - Unmetamorphosed; Protolith H - Lithic sandstone and conglomerate
Comments In Bronson Hill anticlinorium, includes main body, and separately mapped mixed volcanic member, volcaniclastic sandstone member, limy sandstone lens, and a sandstone and conglomerate member at Dalton Mountain. In central Maine trough, mapped as undivided pelitic schist and graded beds of metasandstone and metasiltstone. Broadly equivalent to Seboomook Group; probably coeval with formations of Moose River Group. Contains small unmapped parts of Mount Blue, Hildreths, and Carrabassett Formations of Seboomook Group in Bethel and adjacent quads. In areas of migmatitic gneiss, lower part of Littleton locally may contain remnants of Madrid Formation; elsewhere, contact with Madrid is abruptly gradational and conformable. Age is Early Devonian (late Siegenian and Emsian) based on fossil data. In Littleton quad, brachiopods, pelecypods, gastropods, and TENTACULITES found in main body at six localities indicate an Emsian (Schoharian) age (Billings and Cleaves, 1934; Boucot and Arndt, 1960; Boucot and Rumble, 1978, 1980). No paleontological evidence of earlier Early Devonian in this area (Harris and others, 1983). In Moosilauke quad, brachiopods found in several lenses of limy sandstone lens indicate a late Siegenian (Oriskanian) age, although and early Emsian (Esopusian) age cannot be ruled out. In Whitefield quad, shelly fauna at two localities in sandstone and conglomerate at Dalton Mountain indicate an Emsian (Schoharian) age. (ME004)

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