Biotite schist

Quartz-plagioclase-biotite schist of probably intermediate volcanic protolith in area south of Gogebic Range
State Michigan
Name Biotite schist
Geologic age Late Archean
Lithologic constituents
Metamorphic > Schist > Quartz-feldspar-schistQuartz-plagioclase-biotite schist
Metamorphic > GneissQuartz-plagioclase-biotite schist
Comments Continental margin assemblage (north of Niagara Fault). Note that on original map (Sims, 1992), this unit's map symbol was "Wbs". This was shortened to "Ws" in digital version (Cannon et al, 1997) and that convention is followed here. Unit description above is from Sims (1992) for the unit labeled "Wbs".
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Counties Gogebic